Can I disable all that drop-down history?

I have some folders marked as hidden, and that way for a reason, but there they are in the Windows Explorer/Libraries bar and when I right-click to save an image from the Web, and who knows where else.

Perhaps the latter is a Chrome issue (is it?), but the former, at least, is Windows 7. I've seen references to editing
gpedit.msc for similar security issues, but that doesn't appear to be an option in the Home Premium edition. I can clear the history on a case-by-case basis, but can I prevent it from being recorded in the first place?

This may not be related... but IE has the option to clear history when exit.... OR you can right click on IE in the task bar when it's open and select Start in Private Browsing

I would recommend you move anything you want to hide ...somewhere else.. like \windows\system32\drivers\my hidden porn Make that folder hidden and unless the system is set to show hidden files ... searches for *.jpg or avi won't be found.. with Windows Explorer... but they will be found with third party file finders like SuperFinder XP.

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