Can I display my laptop screen on my old analog T.V.?


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I've been getting conflicting answers on this, and I'll apologize in advance, because I'm sure it's been discussed here before.

I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5142 & Toshiba tells me the video card supports TV out.

One article tells me all I need is a VGA to s-video adapter, but that doesn't work. (E-How)
Another article tells me the jack on my computer must match the jack on my TV. (

Too new to computers to know if this is needed to answer my question, but Windows 7 & Google Chrome.

Is what I'm attempting possible, or is it time to break down and get with the program with a HDTV ?



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What inputs to you have on the TV? You will need a compatible connection, so you may need some type of converter.

I wouldn't expect too much as far as picture quality...


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You should break down and buy a new TV, any output from your computer will really suffer displayed on an analog TV even if you can get it to work.

HD TVs have really come down in price and will have an input that matches your computer, probably you would want to use a HDMI connection.

I have my computer hooked up to my 42" HD TV, and while it looks good it still doesn't look like a computer monitor.
Images and video look great, but when you look at text there is a big difference.

My Dell Ultra Sharp is crystal clear, on the TV the type looks fuzzy.

Both of them share basically the same resolution.
1920 by 1200 for the monitor and 1920 by 1000 for the TV.


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