Can I do a repair installation without internet access so unable to get install updates?

I'm running win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit, which has been fine up to a few days ago when on start up reaching the desktop I started getting a window saying "Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute." it would then restart and continually loop this way.

I booted to safe mode and had no restart message, so was able to run a virus scan using Microsoft security essentials, however if I booted to safe mode with networking the restart window would show again.

I have looked for the Gbp Service, which I was advised might be causing the problem, but cannot find this in services running.

However, I have found that by discounting the internet, the restart issue does not show, but as soon as I connect to the internet, it pops up and the system restarts.

It has ben suggested to me that I try a system restore and if that doesn't work a repair installation.

  • System restore failed on multiple restore points.

So my main question is with a repair Installation: as I cannot connect to the internet, will I have a problem with the repair installation not being able to get the latest updates for the installation process?

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Captain Jack

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For your question if the Repair install is successfully the you can install the Updates. I don't think you would have any problems to perform Repair install without Internet connection. Regarding your problem i suspect it might be some kind of Malware infection. Download Malwarebytes in some other Computer move the EXE to your System and install it run a complete scan. Also reboot the System in Selective Startup Run Selective Startup using System Configuration

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Have you tried as outlined here ? You can also start the command prompt to type and run sfc /scannow.

Hi Guys

The problem is now fixed, after trying all the things suggested (thank You!), I created a Windows Repair CD and booted to this, this then allowed me to do a System Restore, but this advised it had failed, however after restarting the restore had actually worked? Thus removing the restart alert and allowing me to connect to the internet.

I ran further virus and spyware scans, no virus's found, but there were a few spyware, which were successfully cleaned.

System now in perfect working order again! :)

Thank you again everyone!


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