Can I install windows 7 with an Upgrade?


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Hello all,

First I want to say that I use Linux (Mint and Arch) and am thinking of purchasing Windows 7 upgrade with a student discount. I have two legitimate serial numbers, XP and Vista, from previous computers I have owned. So for the "upgrade" do I have to have a previous windows Installation on my system (which I do NOT have) or do I just need the previous keys (which I DO have)? And if I do need a previous Installation .... well I will cross that bridge if I come to it.


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If you have a licensed copy of Windows XP or Vista for that computer, you are good to go. You should be able to perform a fresh/clean install, just use the "Custom" install when the option appears. Use the "Key" supplied with the 7 disc.
Microsoft technical support should be able to help you activate that machine in the event you have an issue activating.



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The thing is that I don't have the CD's, sorry should of specified that in the original post, I only have the keys not the software.


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The original requirement was the prior OS had to be installed and activated. I am not familar with what Microsoft might allow. Perhaps ask them directly as suggested.

I also do not know if there are any downloadable versions of the prior software you could obtain. Or perhaps borrow the install media if it is necessary to have it installed.

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