Can I install XP in Win7 partition

I'd like to keep Win7 but mostly use XP until I can resolve a number of Win7 issues. My Win7 version is Home Premium so I can't use Windows XP Mode. Can I just install XP in a separate partition and do some kind of multiboot? Thanx.


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yes :)

message too short bla bla


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One hard drive or two hard drives?

one hard drive

40GB partition in 290GB HD


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Actually, I would have made the partition 60GB

With all the applications you may be installing, Windows Updates, patches, Service packs,etc

Did you try the install yet?


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yes u can multi boot but xp has to be priorty os xp then windows7


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No, Windows 7 Will Take priority and it will be on the c: drive

What OS is installed now.

Could you post a screen shot of Disk Management (ope the window a little larger so we can see the whole partitioning scheme.

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