Can I plug-in SATA cable (to hard disc) when computer is running?


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I am not sure:

Can I plug-in (and -out) a SATA cable (to hard disc) from (ASUS) motherboard slot when computer is running?

Or will this cause a damage to hardware?


What ASUS Motherboard do you have?

Then I could tell you for sure, some do some don't.


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All SATA devices are required to be hot-swappable by design. However, the OS must support it (and all current operating systems do) but not all SATA "hosts" (controllers) support it - though most do. So as Andrew suggests, you would need to check your motherboard manual to be sure. I would be surprised if an ASUS board did not.

That said, frequent hot-swapping is not recommended, except in "docking" bays where the drive slides in a guide that perfectly aligns the "fixed" connections. Yanking and re-inserting cables by hand risks improper alignment, and those connections are not very robust. And of course, you would not want to hot-swap a boot drive - except in a properly configured RAID setup.

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