Can I reinstall W7 from an online purchase of W7 Home Premium Upgrade?


I bought and downloaded about a year ago, Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade to install the new OS on a computer that was bought with a Vista system already installed. Now I have some problems with the computer and I'd like to perform a clean reinstallation of Windows 7.

Is it possible to do so even if I only bought the Home Premium Upgrade version?
Do I absolutely need the Home Premium Full version?

I was thinking of downloading ISO images from the Microsoft Store and burning them to a DVD. Will that work if I only bought the Home Premium Upgrade version?

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Yes you can make a clean install from an upgrade disk - well known simple procedure - google "clean install upgrade disk".

I'll second that... short answer is YES you can. You can Bing & read lots a stuff about this & may just get confused... It's really not complex... Use "Custom Install", pick where you want it to go on an HDD, use its Key & when it's done, including MSE & ALL the Windows Updates, Activate.


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