Windows 7 Can I restore windows.old folder on windows 7 ultimate after being deleted?


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Basically, I used Disk Cleanup utility on a windows 7 Ultimate machine to delete the Windows.old folder only to discover that it contained a critical amount of data in the 'users/JonDoe/' which was referenced to from the upgrade by a simple shortcut on the desktop. How can I recover the windows.old folder in windows 7 ultimate after it has been deleted? I know that there are thousands of 'undelete' programs out there, but which one is free, no limitations in trial and highly recommended? Does Microsoft have a utility to undo? Ive looked but can't seem to find anything, please help.:(
As you say, there are many undelete programs out there and you can either have the best or the cheapest - depends on how important the data is to you. Recuva is one of the more commonly used freebies:

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

ZAR is one of the better paid ones which I use:

Data Recovery Software, Solutions, Tutorials, Forum - ZAR Data Recovery

In any case you must follow the basic rule of not using the drive from which the data was lost - the more you use it the more data will become irrevocably over-written.

"If you've got old system restore points available you can simply mount one then browse to your windows.old folder and copy it back to your current hard drive. System Restore Point browser/ mounter can be found here:
Direct dowload link for installer:
Don't forget to dismount afterwards."


PS. I noticed links are cut short, so the program/utility is called
System Restore Explorer on the above links.
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Well done - you must have got to it very quickly after deletion so nothing was damaged.
Well done - you must have got to it very quickly after deletion so nothing was damaged.

I did, Pat thank you. As soon as I realized, I stopped immediately and looked for a solution. Thank you for your suggestion, other members on other sites made the same suggestion, so will 'store as backup'!