Can I run 64-bit?

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit for over a one year. Now, I was asking if I can run smoothly Windows 7 64-bit.
Here's my detail performance, so, can I smoothly and normally run and use 64-bit version?


One more thing. I tried to install Windows 7 64-bit before, but the installation was too long, display was black too long and system didn't started up for a long time... And, then, I restart PC and install 32-bit again.



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The short answer is yes...

Do make sure you update your motherboard bios and have 64bit drivers ready for when needed.

When you tried to install the last time what type of installation did you try, custom or upgrade? Please make sure it's a custom install.


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I agree with Kemical, However I've often noticed that the Pentium chips before "Core2", while they support 64bit intruction set often act twitchy and are better suited to 32bit OS. The reason I mention this is that I wasn't too sure this is a true Wolfdale (Core2) being the E5's are actually a Wolfdale-M, but on checking they just have less cache so should still feature full 64bit support, rather than the flakey 64bit support of the Pentium-D's

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