can i use same win dvd for multiple laptops?

i have a HP laptop and it came with a windows 7 orginal DVD and key.
my Question is im thinking of buying a new dell laptop which also comes with installed windows 7 but i wont get a free copy of windows 7 DVD. so should i burn my existing HP's win7 dvd to a blank disc and use that dvd to install windows if needed in my new laptop.. ofcourse ill use different keys cuz keys are always underneath the laptop.

so in short, if i do that i will be able to run geniune windows on both my laptops??
use same win 7 dvd but using HP key in HP laptop and dell key in dell laptop?


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As far as I know the password has no connection to the DVD.
It's only after installation that registration etc, takes place.

As long as you have a valid registration number I don't think it matters which DVD or for that matter downloaded install you use.


Mike is right, you can use the same DVD as much as you want, all you need is vaild keys.



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This question gets a little muddy when you are discussing OEM versions of Windows 7. If the new laptop has an option to make a DVD when you get it, you might really want to do that.

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The original DVD from HP may have BIOS info in it so it won't work on other PCs.

thanks all of you for replying..
but because of couple of last replies im confused..
i dont know if its OEM or retail.. i got free windows 7 with my laptop, dint pay a single cent for it..
i have windows 7 home premium and the new laptop will also have win 7 home premium.
anyho to clear the doubts in my mind im posting a pic of my DVD. please check and tell me if it will work in both laptops..

it does say upgrade media but its win 7 disc, i have done fresh installing of win7 in my laptop after formatting the drives so i know it works

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Since yours is an Upgrade for an Upgrade Ready HP PC, it may work on both. And newer procedures may have changed from my experience.

My experience comes from and older Dell system that had the Windows key on the bottom of the system. It was an OEM install, of course, and I could install Windows media other that the one that came with the computer. The problem was the other media would not accept the key on the computer. I could reload the included DVD without even having to enter a key and was always activated.

But the only way to know for sure is to try it. Before you do, is there a recovery plan in place in case it will not? Do you have an image you can use to regain your system?

Whatever you decide, do not wait for something to go wrong before you make sure you have backup solutions. Make recovery CDs, do an image backup if possible.

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thx for the reply, anyone eles wana share their opionion..

on that DVD there will be a setup.ini file which contains a PID which will only recognize the key range released to HP by Microsoft, technically and legally speaking that install was released to HP by Microsoft under a specific agreement and if you where taken to task you could possibly be held to book for using it on a different HP hardware setup ?

I however doubt very much that you would ever be challenged about using the DVD on another HP machine and In practise I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use it to install onto another HP machine which has its own key, and assuming the new key range works with the PID then its likely it will work np :cool:

yes but im not trying to use it on other HP laptop.. im trying to go with dell laptop
ofcoarse ill use dell provided windows7 key...

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