Can I weak power supply cause a shutdown of ONLY video output/GPU part of core CPU?


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When I boot my computer then after couple of seconds (after "Starting windows" screen) the TFT shows only a message "No input signal".

One of my ideas after a couple of repairs and tries is that the power supply is getting weak.

So my core i5 with onboard graphics does not get enough power to serve the video HDMI output and close itself.
Is this possible at all?
Do motherboards work ALWAYS all or nothing?
Or could a weak power supply lead to partial downturn of pc components?

I could start Windows 7 in safe mode with reduced screen resolution but not normally.
I have checked nearly everything else: TFT screen, HDMI cable, mobo, driver re-install. No luck.



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I think that most people would agree that an inadequate or failing power supply can result in aberrant and difficult to diagnose behavior possibly even including the problem you are describing, although I would suspect additional issues as well.
Before we can even offer a really good guess can you provide details as to your specifications.
Read this and fill out the system specs area of your forum profile and include any details regarding the video / graphics card you are using, as well as details on monitor / monitors and how you are connecting them.