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Hi :),
I'm having a real hard time networking two Windows 7 computers properly. I have the main computer running Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and the second one is Win 7 home premium 64bit. I have two nic cards in the main computer. One hooked up to a cable modem and one hooked up to a router. The second computer is hooked up to the router. I can access the second computer and visa versa but no internet on the second computer. I have tried running the trouble shooters but I get an occasional invalid ip address or no fix at all. The main computer shows two networks - The internet connection is showing as Home network the second network which is the connection to the other computer shows as an unidentified network and public. I can not figure out how to change this. The first network will let you change the type but the second one has no options. I hope I'm making sense :)! I have selected the sharing tabs on both computers and selected the ICS sharing settings. Can some one please walk me through setting this up so that both computers can share the internet please. Thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated. Also I just had a baby Cental American Ornate Wood Turtle hatch - Miss Sofia - sorry for being off topic but here is her picture :)!!!
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Wouldn't it be easier just to hook the WAN port on the router to the cable modem and then both computers to the LAN ports?

I started out that way but could not access the other computer at all?! I'll try again. Thank You for helping :)!!!!!!


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Gladly, and welcome to the forums. Please keep us posted as to what is happening in regards to both computers, when you change things around.
You will probably need to reboot the whole network, when you do so shut the computers down, the router down and the ISP provided device down.
Make the changes and then bring them up in reverse order. ISP provided device, wait till all lights are green and steady, then router, again wait till all lights are stable, then primary computer, see if you can establish an internet connection, then secondary computer, see if you can establish an internet connection. Then see what they both have for an IP addressing scheme by typing ipconfig /all into a command prompt on both and comparing. If they seem to be in the same subnet with an actual IP address of say maybe one off, then make sure you can ping one from the other by that IP address.
And let us know.
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Hi :-0,
The main computer can access the internet but not the other. I can access both computers back and forth though. The ip info is way different on each. The main one -

Thanks again for giving of your time and help :)!
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OK, how you are able to access them back and forth is at least temporarily a mystery to me.
The primary (main one) is still reflecting an IP address that is publicly addressable as if you are still plugged into or at least have not yet renew the IP address from having been plugged into the ISP provided device (Looks like somewhere in SanAntonio, Texas, nice place).
So let's start with what is plugged into what and how. Who is your ISP (Comcast, Verizon, ATT, etc.) Is it DSL or Cable (Comcast cable, Verizon / ATT Dsl) which modem are you using (ISP provided device), which Router are you using? is it capable of providing DHCP?
Not seeing the second NIC on the main machine (did you disable it or just exclude it from the ipconfig /all results)?
The secondary machine is not receiving DHCP from what ever it is plugged into which suggests that the router may not be capable (which is not likely, unless it is actually not a router but a switch or Access Point) or that it has it's DHCP server capability turned off.
If you can answer some of this we can perhaps move forward towards getting everything up and running properly.
Keep us posted.

It's a Switch not a router!!!!! I'm sorry for being such a dummy :)!!! I need a router instead don't I? Thank You Thank You Thank You :)!!!

Hi :),
I have Time Warner cable - Road Runner - The toshiba cable modem is plugged into what I thought was a router but is really a switch!!! Both computers are plugged into the "switch". I need to get a router ? - are there any that are better than the "rest"?


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A router would certainly make everything a lot easier.
However, if you would like to try, we could return to your original connections
ISP provided device to your first NIC on the main machine (IP version 4 set to all things "Obtain automatically"
Second NIC on main machine also IP version 4 set to all things "Obtain automatically" connected to one of the available ports on the switch
Secondary machine also with IPv4 set to "Obtain automatically" Also connected to an available switch port
Then on the primary machine select the Main NIC, then right click and choose properties, then select the "Sharing tab" and choose
Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection.
Then in the drop down below that select your second NIC to provide for your private network connection to the switch.
We are turning on ICS (Internet connection sharing) so you may want to click the hot link there regarding "Using ICS" to see what's suppose to be happening.
You shouldn't need to do anything else, except maybe either reboot the second machine or just to an ipconfig /release and an ipconfig /renew and you should be OK.
Let me know what you decide, but as I said earlier a router will make things a bit easier and may prove to be more reliable in the long run.

Thank You So Very Much :)!!! I think I'll head on over to Amazon and purchase a router. I have to go out and round up my geese for the night so I'll have to stop for now but I'm going to try your last suggestion in the morning while I wait for the router to arrive. You have been so kind and helpful :)!!! I can't thank you enough :)!!! Have a great night :)!!!
Best Regards Melissa Rose

Hi :)!!!
The ROUTER came this afternoon and low and behold both computers connect to each other and the internet Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! If you hadn't of helped me I would still be scratching my head totally puzzled :)!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You :)!!! Sharing your time and knowledge is priceless :)!!!!!! You are AWESOME :)!!!
With the BEST Regards Melissa Rose


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Congrats! Glad that you were able to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back with the update and letting us know.
Hope to continue to see you around the forums.
Best Wishes

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