"can not find system image on external hard drive" Windows 7, 64 bit.

"External hard drive can not find system image" Windows 7, 64 bit. I need to restore my computer from the system image made with windows 7 backup on my external hard drive (WD). When I go through the process I get the message "can not find system image" and I am given the options to install drivers or search the network - both things do not solve the problem.
I read that people had the same problem as me (typical for microsoft to pretend that they have a working recovery system when it actually causes a lot of troubles) but so far I have not seen a solution - just some vague suggestions. (I need the programs on the system image, since microsoft discontinued to sell the Hebrew language pack for Office 2007 in order to force people to upgrade. I bought the pack 3 years ago at their store and they can or won't help me to download it again i.e. retrieve the key....). I would appreciate every concrete help (and yes I know now never ever to trust microsoft programs again...and to switch to apple as soon as I can) thanks


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Can you see the image on the drive in Windows and it is in the root directory and has not been renamed?

Does the WD external drive have a USB 2.0 connection and you have it plugged into a 2.0 port?

You can mount an image and retrive files from it. Use Disk Management and select "Attach VHD" from the Action menu. Then search for the .vhd file in your backup. If the option is greyed out, select one of your partitions and it should then show available.

When you want to quit, right click the left end of the VHD disk in Disk Management and select Detach...

Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your reply. I tried the link (although I was not sure how to retrieve office 2007 once I got to the vhd file). I got stuck anyway and could not find the VHD file but only zipped files (I did not zip them - they were zipped) - see screen below, and now I am not sure how to proceed. do you have any suggestions thanks again, h.