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Windows 7 can not install WinHlp32.exe (help file)


New Member
Jan 11, 2009
I'm trying to update the help file WinHlp32.exe. As you know with vista old versions of help did not work and required a patch. When going to the below link and trying to download it on windows 7 it tells me this version is not for me. I have tried both downloads and nothing seems to work (the downloads for vista, not windows server.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I cannot open Help files that require the Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program


does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have the same issue as Josh. I also tried the same download with exactly the same results.

A little help?
If you have a Vista Machine or a friend/relative that has Vista available, you can copy the winhlp32.exe to a USB drive and place it in the c:\windows directory on Windows 7

Now locate an old help file with the blue icon with the question mark and choose open with, browse to the c:\windows directory and select winhlp32.exe as the default program.