Windows 7 can not install WinHlp32.exe (help file)


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I'm trying to update the help file WinHlp32.exe. As you know with vista old versions of help did not work and required a patch. When going to the below link and trying to download it on windows 7 it tells me this version is not for me. I have tried both downloads and nothing seems to work (the downloads for vista, not windows server.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I cannot open Help files that require the Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program


does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have the same issue as Josh. I also tried the same download with exactly the same results.

A little help?


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If you have a Vista Machine or a friend/relative that has Vista available, you can copy the winhlp32.exe to a USB drive and place it in the c:\windows directory on Windows 7

Now locate an old help file with the blue icon with the question mark and choose open with, browse to the c:\windows directory and select winhlp32.exe as the default program.