Can not play videos files in full screen


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Hi. I am having a problem playing videos in full screen. No matter what player I use they will freeze. They play fine if they're not in full screen. They will play in full screen if I move the mouse constantly. But if I stop moving the mouse the screen freezes. The audio will still play. I have tried three different players all with the same results. Also Kodi will freeze when I open it, Youtube videos will play full screen. I have tried several different video files also with the same results. Any ideas of what the problem might be? I have updated the video drive as well. Thanks!


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You say you have tried different video files and players, it should not be issues of video itself and video player. Are you sure you're running the latest graphic crad driver? You can try to re-install the driver to see whether it works.


It sounds like it may only be locally downloaded video that is having this issue, as you said youtube works? Is that correct?

The first thing I would recommend to do is fully uninstall/remove your video drivers. Restart the computer then install the newest drivers available. Then restart your computer again and try again.

Let me know if this step works!


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Does your screen happen to be black entirely while doing this.
If yes then replace your video cable or change it to other type like mine:
I replaced HDMI with DP
Another method:
Reinstall video drivers and update them
check if something is broken in your gpu or monitor