Can not reinstall Vista


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While working in Vista I experienced a recent system failure and I do not know if it was caused by a virus. I had AVG Free Edition installed and it was up to date.

I decided to perform a clean reinstall using the Vista DVD Installer, but at a certain point a message appears onscreen informing that Vista can not be installed, and that some required files may be missing or corrupt. It also points that there might be a hard disk failure.

However, I was able to perform a clean reinstall for openSuse to keep working with my PC. Before the Vista system failure, the double booting process had been working well for more than a year.

I would appreciate your kind help in knowing the available options that might exist in this case to be able to reinstall successfully Vista.


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Hi sfzab,

could you provide more info on your system please as well as which version you trying to install. (eg OEM or upgrade)


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Have you installed Vista? No floppy, no F6. There is a point for
installing SATA drivers if necessary.

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>>> Hi one and all,
>>> Not sure if anyone can help me with this as the problem seems widespread
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>>> various forms.
> Installing Vista on a SATA drive can present special problems.
> Generally if you are doing a clean install to a SATA drive you need to
> use the F6 method to PRELOAD SATA drivers very early on in the install
> process or Vista won't be able to boot. You also will need a floppy
> diskette to write these drivers to. You should find specific details
> in your motherboard manaul or the vendor's web site, Vista will prompt
> you went to hit F6 or whatever else your flavor of BIOS needs. If you
> do a install in place AND you can find find SATA drivers that work in
> BOTH XP and Vista then you can do a overwrite of your exhisting OS IF
> you install the new SATA drivers first. There could be other issues, I
> sure had some and still do, but I thankfully installed Vista to a IDE
> ATA drive and only use my SATA drives for data storage.
> If you're going to use RAID do NOT try to set that up first, way too
> convoluted, do that later after Vista is up and running.