Can not uncheck startup/ edit startup entries

Trying to disable some of the bloatware that came with my HP G62, as well as disable unneeded auto-updates, and have been blocked from doing so.

Ran msconfig, startup entries... Unchecked, hit "apply" and they just become checked again. ??? (Ran as administrator on admin account)

Tried "Tuneup Utilities." Same effect.

Have been trying to disable Yahoo Messenger from starting and it just keeps on starting... I have unchecked the startup box in the pref dialog of the prog.

What is going on here??? Is my admin account not really admin? (No other accounts on the computer)


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Some utilities will re-install a startup event after you try to deactivate it. If you check msconfig, are there two entries of that startup utility, one checked and one unchecked?


If you read my post you would see that I said that the box becomes checked again when I hit "Apply."


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Try autoruns, free from here - much more comprehensive and powerful than msconfig:

Autoruns for Windows

yes. Failed to mention it but I had already tried Autoruns... The issue here is more about my lack of administrative control of my OS, rather than the simple inability to stop a program from starting (which has enabled me to identify the larger issue).

My concern is that I am not able to uncheck the boxes and then have them stay unchecked. They revert back when I hit "apply."

I have tried numerous methods, all of which have had the same effect. On some, where there is no save or apply option, the entries are back again even after deleting them from the list. Specifically:

jusched.exe (Java Update Scheduler)
Yahoo Messenger

Used God-Mode, Task Manager, Autoruns, Tune-up Utilities, and msconfig, all to no avail. Not on the list are various HP bloats that I tried to disable but just ended up uninstalling them to stop them from starting... Then realized that there may be a bigger issue here that needs addressing.

I am running a pretty fresh install of the OS, just a few days old, and haven't D/Led anything weird in the interim...

So I guess I must ask a more specific question:

What would keep me from being able to check/uncheck dialog boxes and save the results? Seems like it would be some sort of user level or something to me...


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Shouldn't be necessary but a possible shortcut to a solution might be to enable the "hidden" administrator account in Win 7:

run command prompt by right clicking on it and running as administrator then enter the command:

net user administrator /active:yes

Reboot and log on as administrator with no password. Try making the changes you need then finally disable the account:

net user administrator /active:no

ok... Tried that (hidden admin account), went to msconfig, same results. Even tried "uncheck all" and hit apply and they just revert back to being checked.

Also, tried to delete cookies in Safari and was unable to. Selected, hit remove, no effect.


(and thanks for the new suggestion, I thought that might actually work...)

Just to clarify: STILL not able to edit the msconfig startup menu, or delete cookies.

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If you have a Windows 7 installation disk...

Why don't you just do a custom install of Windows 7, which will format you drive and install just Windows 7 without all the junk that HP, Dell, and the other big computer companies load on to their new computers.

You will start with a clean installation of Windows and can install what you want on it.
It only takes about a half hour and Windows 7 is good at finding all the drivers etc., you will have to reinstall all your software afterwards.

Backup all your data first, if you decide to do it, sometimes it saves everything in a folder named "Windows Old" and sometimes it doesn't.

But you will end up with a nice clean computer that only has what you want on it.
As soon as you have it up and running with all your software installed, make a System Image file so that you are secure for the future.


Ps. If you don't want to do that, CCleaner has a very easy to use startup manager that will let you shut down things that start a boot. It does't remove the entries just disables them. I have 75% of mine shut off.

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If you are familiar with editing the registry, you can try deleting the entry from the path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\

But be aware that this will remove the Startup entry completely. (Should you wish to ever use it again)

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