can some one simply explain this webpage?


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Is there any part, in particular, you do not understand?
Basically it means you cannot reproduce any items,or pictures, etc, in Microsoft's pages, without referring to the source and acknowledging Microsoft as the author.
For examplel, I recently reproduced a tutorial, with several comments and pictures directly from Microsoft. In each case I added "Used with permission from Microsoft" The whole, finished, document, was first passed to Microsoft for scrutiny. This only took a couple of days.
I think it is a book of rules, to cover legal convention of the most important material., as I see many tutorials published, which have not complied with the rules. No action is subsequently taken by MS.

Ok thanks I was talking about after uploading the picture can i put Used with permission from Microsoft and be all set


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I don't think I can explain any further. What picture? If you upload any trade pictures, be it MS or any other concern, then you are infringing copyright. I doubt on such a trivial matter you will end up behind bars, but it is the international law.

okay, thank you

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