Can someone help us understand SizeHigh in JOB_INFO_4 structure.

winspool.h in the ddk for Win7 lists 4 levels of EnumJobs.

1. Can someone please explain the SizeHigh long in JOB_INFO_4 struct.
2. It should be documented on the MSDN documentation of EnumJobs also. EnumJobs Function (Windows)


Wow... I seriously doubt you're going to get a good answer to that one here. This is user support, not programming support.

Have you tried searching MSDN?

SizeHigh pairs with Size, to give you a 64bit value on 32 bit systems. It's microsoft's half-baked way of breaking the 4gb barrier on file sizes.

You should also note that EnumJobs->Level does not support the JOB_INFO_4 struct. Acceptable leves are 1, 2 & 3.

JOB_INFO_4 Structure (Windows)

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