Can someone let me know this icon legend?


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I have observed something very interesting today. Can anyone help me out, it is an odd icon legend. Notice the two networks have a different icon: (My network and few others) has two computers. This one has three chain, picture attached.


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Hi!!!! I don't know if this answers your question, but here I go. This command opens the "Connect to a network" dialog box, a simple list of all dial-up, VPN (Virtual private networking), and wireless networks that your computer can "see" at the moment. Take special note of this option if you have a laptop or some other mobile PC, because this window offers a simple, clear means of seeing what wireless networks are available (and connecting to a good one). :) Sincerely, Celestra


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As Celestra says maybe it's a slight;ly different network as you get 'public' and 'private'.

Thank you all for trying, those networks never appeared again. It is odd though as they so different from the other nearby ones. Even mine has the standard PC to PC icon.

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