Windows 7 Can someone make me a Sub Zero Mortal Kombat sound theme?

I'm trying to make a MK Sub Zero theme for my Windows 7 but I can't find good sounds. Can someone make me a sound theme. I'm not sure if you can download sound theme things or not but if not can someone post sound downloads and tell me what they are in the theme. This might not be in the right forum thing but thats because I just joined this forum. I really need help, I really want a good sound theme to match my Sub Zero wallpaper and stuff. Please and thank you.:redface:

There's lots of sites with .wav sound effects ripped from the Mortal Kombat series.
I've digged up a good site with pretty much all sound effects that excist in MK3/Trilogy (from the SNES).
the url is here: Music! - Mortal Kombat 3 - SNES - songs & sound effects

you can download or preview these sounds seperately (to download you may have to right-click and hit "save target as...")

If you then go to your desktop and right-click on it, select "Customize"
In the menu that pops up there should be an option to adjust your sounds.
Just select the action that should trigger the sound, and load the sound by hitting "browse" , after you're done, you can save your sound-schedule and un- or reload it any time.

Good luck!

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