Can using Mozilla hinder updates??


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I can't seem to install ANY update to Vista. It appears to start downloading them but nothing at all happens -- not even an error code. Could it be that it will only install with IE and not Mozilla as browser?


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Hi, I answered your other post about the error code. The answer included a web link to a page that discusses problems with 'download managers' and updates. Maybe you have one running? I'm sure running Mozilla should be ok but will check this out further anyway..


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Hi MTHall 51

Although you are using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, it is better to keep Internet Explorer enabled for any Windows Updates.
You can download any updates by using Firefox , if you search for the Microsoft Download Centre , "browse for downloads", "windows security & updates" etc.
I would not recommend this method as you have to search for the updates that are not in any date order.
Try using IE and see what happens!!!!!!!!