Can Win7 system sounds be muted during Magic Jack calls?

I am trying to configure Win7 to mute system sounds from the CD,media player etc... to go "mute" when making or receiving calls on my Magic Jack. When I use the Google voice phone, it works perfectly. I just cannot get Win7 to treat Magic Jack the same way. Any help would be appreciated. I have selected "mute all other sounds" in the playback devices/communications window. Apparently, Win7 is not treating the MagicJack dongle as a communication device. Any help will be appreciated.


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H Padzu,
I've never used the device itself but googling brought me to the Magic Jack FAQ page which seems quite extensive. Try looking for an answer here and if all else fails please post again..

magicJack - Knowledgebase/FAQ

Thanks for the reply. I am familiar with the knowledge base at Magic Jack as well as their "Live Chat" service. Both are well organized and effective. Neither has provided any help in resolving this issue. I think the resolution is to configure windows to treat activity from this device as a "Phone Communication" so it works as described in this windows setting:


Normally during the day, I listen to streaming radio or music on my system. When I receive a call on my Google phone, the sound mutes perfectly as the phone begins ringing. When calling it mutes immediately as you hit the call button. So, I know the Windows7 function is working, I just need to get it to work on the MagicJack device.

Thanks for your input. I will keep trying. When I figure it out, I will post it here.

Again, thanks for your help.

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