Can "Windows 7 XP Mode" recognize my Visioneer 9120 scanner?

I have a Visioneer scanner (model 9120 USB).
It worked perfectly under Windows XP Pro SP2.

I then upgraded the OS to Windows Vista.
The driver provided by Visioneer (designed for XP) could not be recognized by Vista.

So I upgraded the OS again to Windows 7 RTM Ultimate.
Still can't recognize the scanner driver.

I heard Microsoft has this program called "Windows 7 Vitual PC" that runs
"Windows 7 XP Mode".

Does this mean I can get my scanner to run again, like it was under XP?
Please help me.


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If it's a USB scanner, chances are it'll work. I have an old Canon Lide 20 that I successfully installed in XP mode and use for the occasional bit of scanning I do. All you'll need to do is Attach the USB device from the menu and it should prompt you for the drivers in the XP instance.


Thanks for the info. It certainly has encouraged me to try out Windows 7 XP Mode.
I'll wait till October for the final release of XP Mode.


Thanks for the info. It certainly has encouraged me to try out Windows 7 XP Mode.
I'll wait till October for the final release of XP Mode.
Where did you read or hear that XP Mode (final) will be released in October? I've searched Google and the only thing releasing in October is Windows 7.

I'm using XP Mode RC and it's almost as good as having another older XP SP3 system. I was able to install my old HP printer and drivers, however, the only real gripe I have is that I can't use the DVD player to burn software. The DVD player is recognized, but not as a DVD burner. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Anyhow, just because XP Mode is in RC, you should still give it a shot. If it doesn't work out for you, you can easily uninstall it from your main Windows 7 control panel (add/remove programs). The other gripe is that I can install the 32-bit Cisco VPN software and sign into my work's VPN, but there is no way to change, or at least keep the settings for DNS. If I can't change the DNS settings, I can't remote into my workstation. My boss told me he seen this happen on a Apple, so it's not impossible that it's also happening with XP Mode, considering I'm the only one testing it.

I read that article yesteday when I searched Google. It doesn't say for sure that it will ship in October, but that they plan on having it ready by the time W7 ships in October and then goes on to say:
Microsoft said it plans to have the final release of XP Mode ready in time for the official Oct. 22 release of Windows 7, but company officials added the usual caveat that the software will not ship until beta testers deem it ready.
That doesn't sound very definitive that the final will come out in October, but that they are planning on releasing it when W7 ships. Who knows, but MS could put back the release date of W7, too. Happened before, so I won't hold my breath as i'm working with XP Mode RC for now and it's not difficult to uninstall.

No slow down in W7 performance at all. On the other hand, there are certain lag times in XP Mode. For example, I can click on an icon and it can be upwards of 3 seconds before XP Mode responds to the action. It gets annoying sometimes when you're trying to do a simple task like navigate through Windows Exlorer looking for a file.

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