Can you select multiple folders in Windows 7?


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I haven't been able to do this and just assumed that it wasn't possible until I saw this...

Select multiple files or folders

This doesn't work on my computer, can other people open Explorer and select more then one folder at a time?

I've tried this when I wanted to move multiple folders to an external drive and had to do them one at a time.


click on a folder. Hold CTRL, and click on another folder.


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Hi Mike,
It works, and always has, for me. I might get the occasional glitch when I select "too many" folders/files. The number of folders/files, when it happens to complain, isn't a consistent number though.


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Ah Ha...

I get it, the folders have to be in the middle pane.
I was opening expanding the main folder in the left pane and then trying to select multiple folders underneath it.without displaying the folders in the central pane.

Like this...Duh!

Now the light dawns.


glad you got your problem fixed. :)

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