Cancel my subscription to windows7forums

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I paid to put a post on to this website (apparently you don't have to pay, but I didn't know that before).
But then I was notified that my month long subscription would not cancel on it's own, but would rather renew itself month after month for one year.
I don't want that, I want to end it now. I've actually answered my questions on my own and solved my problem by myself, so I'm no longer in need of windows7forums help.

So when I try to write a message, it won't allow me, saying I have to post at least 5 messages first.
So here is my 3rd message.
2 more and then maybe I can write an email to get myself canceled off this site :)

hope this works....

I hope you never have another problem. However if you do the folks here will gladly try to help, whether you are a paid supporter or not.
Now you have a fine day


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We have resolved the issue for blomer in the most effective way possible for him. $1.50 refunded and he can keep his membership for the remainder of the month :D This thread has been closed. Thank you.

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