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Reason I have not been around is I am fighting a cancer been at VA all moth just home for few hours once awee, 4 hours in fact


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I am very sad to hear that Super Sarge . I wish you all the best at this tough time and hope you make a speedy recovery .


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Hello Dave;
Good to hear from you again and I am also very sorry to hear of your illness.
I hope you are getting the care you need from the VA and also wish you a speedy recovery and hopes that you beat this thing.


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Sarge, I send you my sincerest wishes and hope you win your fight. My father is living with palliative lung cancer, I can only imagine what it's like to be the person dealing with it. Cancer is a terrible disease and I genuinely hope you come out on top of it. Best wishes, Mitchell Anthony, Public Relations.


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We are with you. If you want to talk to us just add myself or one of the admins on Skype. I wish you the best Super Sarge.