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Windows 7 Cannot access a shared folder after formatting


Well-Known Member
Jun 2, 2013
I just had to format my home PC due to various issues; however, since then, I cannot access a shared folder on my room-mate's PC that I was able to access before the format.

We both have Windows 7, we are connected to the same homegroup. I can SEE his PC and can click it, it shows the folders, but when I click I get
"Network Error
Windows cannot access \\[his PC]]\Shared Folder"
As I said, we were able to share and access this way before, but not now?
Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing, Public Folder Sharing, Media Streaming and Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections are all "On", and it's set to allow 128-bit encryption.

I vaguely recall having to set up one other thing, but neither of us can find them any more.
Nevermind, we were able to resolve the situation: going to the Local Area Connection settings, we disabled IPv6, got it to see the directory, then re-enabled and it's fine now.