cannot access D drive after windows 7 64bit install

Here is the story. I was running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit version. I decided to install the 64 bit version so i formated my c drive and installed the 64 bit version. All well and good except now i cannot access my d drive. I get a message "access denied".
When i was using the 32 bit version i had my d drive permissions set up so that only I, as the administrator could access it and the kids login couldnt.
I have gone into the drives properties and made myself the owner but still cannot access it. Also i notice that when looking at the properties it says that the drive it no free space left on it when it actually has about 300 GB left.

I have gone into properties and made myself the owner of the drive but the problem is still occuring

I have been told the problem is that the permission on the drive were made on the 32 bit install and I and now i am trying to change them in a 64 bit version

Anyone have any ideas??

boot into safe mode and take ownership of the HDD (consequentially all folders)


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Is the partition showing a drive letter? Is it the same letter as previous install?

If you open Disk Management, right click on the partition, what options do you have?

I can't confirm or deny the comment about x64 vs x86, but I may test that later.

Do you remember exactly what settings you changed to only allow an admin access to the partition?

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