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Windows 7 Cannot access drive?


New Member
Mar 2, 2009
Can any help resolve the following drive problem I have :-

After installing windows 7, I had the following 2 drive issues:

1. My original C: drive , hence boot, the drive did not appear on explorer. I have since resolved the problem by assigning a drive letter to it other then c: drive.

2. My H: drive is visible on explorer but the drive is not accessible. the message given when accessing the drive is: H: is not accessible. Access is denied. Using computer management, the drive indicated it is Healthy and only that. All my drives are NTFS, and the only difference I can spot is that all but my H drive are of type basic, where as the H: drive type is dynamic.

Is there any way that I can access my H drive?

try taking ownership of the drive through the command prompt.

  1. Go to elevated command prompt
  2. type in "takeown /f H:"
  3. hit enter
  4. now set the security permissions by right click the drive in exxplorer and going to properties and then security. Then go to your user and make sure you have full control.
Hi Iroken22,

Thanks for your reply.

I appreciate your response, but I need further help.

I have gone to command prompt (under programs -> accessories) under c: path and entered "takeown /f h:" which returns the message: ERROR - access is denied.

After looking into you last step, both admin and account unknown users have all options allowed with the exception of special permissions

Your help further is appreciated...


try booting to safe mode and taking ownership from there
Waht is H drive?
Is it a usb device or ext HD?
Try right clicking where it says "dynamic" and convert it to basic, if able. You don't give details of what may be on the drive, but it will be necessary to remove all dynamic partitions. You will lose all the data you may have on H: , so copy it over to somewhere else, or back it up!
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Hello there, I had the exact same problem. The C: harddrive was used by win7 system. The D: drive was a separate drive and I could not access it. Alway got the message: "Cannot access drive D" In XP the drive was visible.

Here is the solution:
1. Open win explorer and rightclick your drive which you cannot access data --> properties
2. open security tab
3. click continue
4. cllick on SYSTEM --> and check the box full control
5. cllick on administrators --> and check the box full control

This will solve your problem with accessing the drive. ;)