Cannot Access System Sounds Configuration

I can't seem to be able to access sound configuration to switch off my System SOunds.
I've tried accessing the configuration via both Personalization settings and direrctly trhrough COntrol Panel but hwne i click on the SOunds link nothing happens. All other configuration is possible, just sound isn't working.
I've just installed windows 7 on my Dell Latitude D630 and am logged in with a user with full admin permissions.
I have run diagnostic tools but the system says everything is running fine and the sound card seem is working well as all sounds play normally, I just want/need to switch off the System Sounds before they drive me nuts.
Things i have done:
- Looking for an error in the event viewer. Nothing there.
- Applied all the most recent updates.

Has anyone had a similar problem?
What is the Console file to kick off the sounds configuration window directly?
Any help would be appreciated.



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Do you have a speaker icon down on the right side of the task bar, near the system clock. If so when you right click on it do you see an option that just says sounds. If so click on that. Does it still do nothing.

Still doesn't open the window. However what is different is that you can see that the system is trying to do something because the hourglass is displayed. This maybe happens the other ways but the appearance of the hourglass is imperceptible.


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OK, you can try two things.
1. from an elevated command prompt type sfc /scannow just to see if some critical system files may have somehow been corrupted.
2. go into device manager, uninstall the sound card and reboot your machine and see if that has any effect.


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Do you have any software on you system that might be controlling the sound and possibly has a separate mixer or other type utility?

Are you using any special sound devices? Have you added any of your own sounds?

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