Cannot boot from CD: Code 5


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I realize i'm not the first one to post this question, but still.
My Friend just bought his first computer, and he cant install Windows 7. So right now he has no operation system. We have tested installing it with a regular DVD, that worked on my computer, but not on his. It just says: Cannot boot from CD-ROM. And we have also tried to use USB. When we used the USB the computer said something like: please restart and select proper boot device. Even when I'v fixed the boot's. So right now i have no idea what to do.
And he has a:
MSI P67A-C43 REV B3 as mother-card,
Intel Core i5 2500 3,3GHz as processor ,
Corsair CX 600W V2 80+ as his Power Supply,
Optiarc AD-7260S DVD±RW Svart SATA, OEM, as the DVD reader.
He also has 4 GB in RAM, don't remember which.
And 1 TB in hard drive.
Please post and try to help me :)


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Take a correct boot sector from other bootable disk and merge it into the Windows 7 installation disk. See here.


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To fix Error Code 5 on a Windows 7 system, you may need to re-burn the installation CD with the appropriate boot sector supported by ASRock or MSI at a slow speed to avoid any kind of error during the installation process. A lot of free burning programs are available over the Internet to complete the process quickly.

Get more information to fix windows 7 error code 5 :

Workaround for CD BOOT ERROR CODE 5

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Hope this information helps you.