Cannot boot OR reinstall Vista


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Hi there,
I have an MSI M677 laptop with 2GHz dual core AMD64 TL-60, 2GB ram, and GeForce 7600 agp.

I went to reinstall my Vista HomePremium last night due to frequent shutdowns and BSOD(due to an nvidia driver, but I thought that agp driver alone cannot cause that many slowdowns in the system). Ran memory tests and checked disk for errors before- checked out fine.

Went to a restore manager before computer booted up, chose to restore computer to manufacturer NB settings. It started reformatting the hdd and then I got the bsod, the message is driver_irql_not_less_or_equal and mentions nvstor.sys file. I did some googling and found that its an nvidia driver. I found no solutions, just read about people having to reinstall vista.

So after the bsod I restart the system and try to restore again, but at this point it had tried to format my drive so all the machine does is goes in the loop of rebooting,showing the MSI post screen, rebooting and so on.

So I boot from CD and try to install Vista. It copies files and get to the point of expanding them, then gives the bsod at the 0% or 1% mark of expanding files with same nvstor.sys message.

Im really stuck between a rock and a hard place here, without an OS and without being able to install an OS I really dont have any ideas as to what else to try.

EDIT: also it's 32mb Vista


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yes.thanks for the link but I read it before posting. i think the issue at hand is that I actually can not go and load/unload any driver because I can not get into an operating system.

also as I understand the nvstor.sys issue itself will never be resolved. All I need at this point is get an OS going on the machine so I can at least have a semi-functional laptop. Any ideas?


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Hi! Link Removed - Invalid URL Have you tried talking to your manufacturer yet? They may have someone there who can analyze your crash data. Maybe you should talk to them before you proceed?