Cannot browse Domain shares from Windows 7 Pro

I installed Windows 7 on 2 machines that were formerly loaded with XP pro. They are part of an Domain with a Server 2003 Domain controller, 2 terminal servers, and a Linux File server. We are running AD, and the XP machines could browse to domain Shares on all the servers by Name.

When I try to navigate to a domain share, (by share name) from either of the 2 Windows 7 machines, I am unable to authenticate and connect to the share via any account at all. The error says that the username or login is invalid, but it does not say that the share could not be found. Oddly, I am able to connect to the same shares via IP, with no authentication issues at all. All of the remaining XP machines are still able to connect with no issues at all.

Prior to the upgrade, both Windows 7 machines were able to connect to the shares. Both machines are joined to the domain, have DHCP reservations that are active, and registered in AD. Both Windows 7 machines can browse to each other but cannot browse to any XP or server share on the domain by share name.

On the Windows 7 machines, Network Discovery is installed, File and print sharing is enabled, and I have tried disabling the Windows firewall with no effect.

Does anybody have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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Your browsing to shares on the linux server thats running Samba right?

If so you may want to check out if there is anything special that needs to be configured in Samba for win7.

you may also want to check out your netbios settings. You may need to manually check the enable netbios over TCP/IP setting.

Can you browse to a share on your domain controller using the machine name?

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