Cannot burn CD/DVD. Help!

I'm using Samsung laptop with TSSTcorp CD/DVD TS-L633J recorder. Windows 7 x86_64.
Can anyone tell me what are the possible problems (and solutions) of my CD/DVD burner? I bought this new laptop from Dubai, so even if I do have warranty, I can't use it here in my country Philippines, since warranty is exclusively for Dubai only.
My CD/DVD drive can easily play DVDs (even the blank one) without any hassle. Unfornately, it can't read blank CDs unless there are already files burned in it.
It can reformat CD-RW, but once the CD became blank, it can't read it anymore. Same thing happens to when I try to burn files on a DVD. It appears that it is burning, but when it finishes, it suddenly gets an unexpected error. I tried all types of disk like DVD+R, DVD-R, CD-R and CD-RW, but it allends the same. My CD/DVD burner cannot burn disks.
I already uninstalled the drive, but it's all the same. I run "Fix it", but it gets an unexpected error and won't scan the drive.
Please help me guys. I can't afford to get this fix but a technician. They charge too much and does a sloppy job.


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What software are you using to try burning your CD/DVD's? Have you tried ImgBurn?

What is the exact make and model of your laptop? From what your describing, it sounds like your cd/dvd driver is corrupted.

Hi, I don't think the DVD Drive is faulty. Try different DVD like ( Verbatim, Melody, Maxell, and so ) it happen that DVD Drives are not compatible. By default the laptop came with a burning program which is very good. When you first bought the laptop have you been able to create a restore DVD.


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Welcome to W7F 2351156. Do you receive an error number when you get the unexpected error. If so, try entering it here. The fact that your DVD drive can play a DVD but not burn one says to me that it's your burning software that's corrupt. Unfortunately, I'm a little confused by your post where you say your CD/DVD drive can/can't read a blank CD/DVD, well there's nothing for it to read. Personally I can recommend ConverXtoDVD for conversion and burning of files. This is a free trial version. Been using it for year's without problem. Good Luck

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I have the same problem,,, i have also the same dvd driver,, the TSSTcorp CD/DVD TS-L633J,, i can open CD/DVD files and also i can burn CD but when i am trying to burn DVD it was error,,,, i am trying to search for possible solution but it is hard, can it be solve by downloading drivers of TSSTcorp CD/DVD TS-L633J and install it?,,, or maybe, the driver is just a CD burner,, so the fact is, it is not for DVD burner,, i really dont know what to do,,,,, i am clueless,,,, pls help me,,,,,,


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Hi Dylainaiken,

There's a TSST Utililty that can check you have the latest Firmware for your optical drive. May help you.

ODD Firmware.

I have a Samsung NP-409 and same DVD recorder as the first user with the last firmware available. I can read CD/DVDs, but I cannot burn them. I have noticed that when the software (I'm using Nero and Princo disks) is writing the lead out data it takes really long time and it doesn't respond until the process is finished.

Any idea?

Thank you

Im getting same error , plz help
i have same dvd writer of TSSTcorp CD/DVD TS-L633J .
unable to burn
getting error id :11 in windows event !

Im having the same problem.
I also have a dvd brand of TSSTCorp CDDVDW TS-L633J.
It can read CDs and DVDs, can burn CDs but unable to burn DVDs.
I tried using burning softwares but when it says burning complete, I still got a blank DVD.

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