Cannot connect to a computer in the network

I cannot access one of my computers from another computer which is on the same network. The main computer is not wireless and has all my junk on it that I want my laptop to be able to access (music etc which is all stored on an external hard drive hooked up to the PC)
When the PC is turned on, I can see it in my network on my laptop SOMETIMES. Sometimes it only shows up under media devices, where I can see all my music but none of it plays.
When I can see the PC under the network under Computers, when I click on it, it says it cannot communicate with it.
The PC has access to my laptop and my laptop shows up in the network, I can click on it, access it, etc. Just not vice versa.
Also, in sharing settings on the PC, when I turn on file and printer sharing and save changes, when I look at it again, it's off. It wont stay on. Network discovery + file and printer sharing are both turned on on the laptop.

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I understand your desktop has a wired connection to the router and your laptop has wifi, correct?

1. Make sure both PC's are in the same WORKGROUP.

2. CMD -> ipconfig /all -> locate IPv4 address on each machine. CMD -> ping "IPv4 address", see if your PC's can ping each other. A failure to ping would likely mean a firewall configuration issue.

3. Both your desktop and laptop must have these services running with their startup type set "Automatic",

(Control Panel -> Administrative -> Services)

Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Wireless Zero Configuration
WLAN AutoConfig
Computer Browser
COM+ Event System
DNS Client
DHCP Client
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Remote Procedure Call

4. Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings > Enable network discovery, file and print sharing (enable as many sharing options as you need, the very first option Network discovery must necessarily be on).

5. Finally, you should see your both PC's in the system Network folder. Right click on drives or folders you would like to share, open up their properties and allow sharing in the corresponding tab.

I tried all of the above. Pinging worked.
But my PC still doesn't leave file+printer sharing on and I can't see it under the network on my laptop.

Also, when the PC is visible under network on my laptop, I get Error code: 0x80070035 (The network path was not found) when I click on it.

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Also, when the PC is visible under network on my laptop, I get Error code: 0x80070035 (The network path was not found) when I click on it.

For the active profile, set your Windows firewall to allow the Inbound connections that do not match a rule, Control Panel --> Administrative -> Windows Firewall

Also, make sure that no other security software (AV/Firewall) is blocking your network communication.

I did this but now when I try to connect to the PC it just says the PC isn't responding to connection attempts

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