Windows 7 Cannot connect to internet connection or find one.. please help!


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Mar 20, 2009
i installed windows 7 beta version 7057 today

with 7048 which i had before and 7057 i am having a problem connecting to the internet
(or finding a connection at all)

the desktop computer is dual booted with xp, and is hooked up via ethernet to my router
if i boot into xp, internet works fine

i usually have to allow computers to run through my router by adding them to the attached devices list or whatever, but i cannot aquire a mac address or ip address by typing "ipconfig /all" into the command line..* so i am not able to add it to the attached devices

however, since it isnt even detected (usually it would be detected on the router but wouldnt get internet because it wouldnt be accepted by the router) i have a feeling its a more intense issue!

is this a bios issue?
my motherboard is an ASUS P4S800D-X series
if it is, could someone let me know how to install a new bios (i found a beta for "others" OS types.. but am not sure i should try it.. here: Link Removed)
the driver is Beta Version 1006.002 for P4S800D-X Latest beta BIOS.

please if anyone could help!
a computer is kind of useless without internet connection.. and id love to use windows 7 since 7057 is really working well, smooth and stable for me

anyone can shed some light?
i would really, REALLY appreciate it!
ive been trying for hours to figure this out.. and cannot for the life of me (ive tried enabling dhcs and dns and wlan stuff in attached devices, i just cannot get it to work)

*when i do the ipconfig /all in command.. i just get this:
host name. . . : KARwin7-PC
primary Dns Suffix. . . :
Node type. . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . : No

but nothing else below it!

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There's been literally zillions of posts on this
The problem is usually 90% with NIC (LAN wired) cards not wireless.

Some NIC's just REFUSE to work with W7 (and sometimes VISTA) especially if you are running the 64 bit version of the OS.

I have this problem with a Via Velocity family gigabit ethernet card on a Laptop -- works fine in all X-86 versions of W7 -- but refuses to work in x-64 bit versions (also VISTA X-64 bit versions).

(It does work however with Windows XP -64 bit).

the strange thing is Windows reports the drivers as working OK but you always get the "Limited Connectivity" ) message on the network ICON.

Registry hacks, DHCP settings, Disabling IPV6 etc etc -- no avail.

I've just given up on that -- and as it's a laptop I'm using eitherr a wireless connection or if I need fast wired an apiotek (agere systems) pci express 1.0GB/s adapter or a USB===>LAN adapter .

Your ROUTER isn't broken -- I've tried my card on several different routers -- they aren't ALL broken -- and if they were why would your card still work with XP.


do you have any suggestion on a NIC that does work with win7?

i mean i custom built this desktop about 2/3 years ago, so it is plausible the NIC card is just too old to be compatible with even vista

do you have any suggestion on a NIC that does work with win7?

i mean i custom built this desktop about 2/3 years ago, so it is plausible the NIC card is just too old to be compatible with even vista

You are right: this ASUS board is not VISTA compatible as there are no VISTA compatible X32 or X64 drivers. For devices to work in this Beta version of Win 7 ( x32 or x64 bits), they must atleast have VISTA compatible drivers, Even then some devices like Webcams don't seem to work. ASUS has not released any VISTA drivers for this board's integrated devices. Therefore you are out of luck to run Win7 which has no native drivers for that onboard NIC.

If you really want to use this system the alternative is to install a PCI NIC known to have VISTA drivers and after installation is completed Update the driver through Device Manager pointing to the CD containing the appropriate VISTA drivers (X32 or X64) as your Win 7 architecture before trying to configure your Router to access the Internet using the newly installed NIC.