cannot connect to wireless internet, help?

my brother & i received new laptops for christmas, but we're both unable to connect to our wireless broadband on them.

my brother's laptop is a toshiba, and when i was setting it up, i was prompted to enter my password for my wireless, so i did, but apparently, it was incorrect. once the rest of the laptop was set up, i went into the networks & sharing centre to try and connect once again; i went into 'connect to a network' and the sidebar from the taskbar popped up with my network there, i've tried to right-click it and go into 'properties' in order to change the password which was supposedly incorrect, but i don't have a 'properties' option; i only have 'connect' with a check box next to it stating 'connect automatically'.
i've unchecked that countless times under the delusion that perhaps i'll be prompted with a box to enter my WEP key, but no. i've also gone back into the network &
sharing centre countless times and clicked on 'manage wireless networks', thinking that i can change or re-enter my password from a prompt there, but my network is not even coming up there. i've tried adding the network with the same username and kind of security including the WEP key, but nothing is working.

i've turned off my netcomm router numerous times and back on again, but nothing. i've turned off wi-fi on the laptop itself and back on again, but nothing has changed.

i've tried everything i can think of. can someone help?
appreciative thanks :)


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Try removing the wireless adapter in device manager and rebooting. On redetect it may reset the parameters, detect your network and invite you to re-enter wep details.

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