Cannot connect Windows 7 to Windows XP SP3

Hi all.

I am trying to connect my notebook - HP Compaq 6730s to my desktop.
I have ASUS Striker 2 Formula motherboard, nVidia 780i SLI chipset, 2 network adapters, and windows XP Pro SP3, x86 Edition.
On my notebook I haveWindows 7 Ultimate RC 7100 Build.
I couldn't find Win7 drivers for my notebook so I installed VISTA drivers in compatiility mode.
Everything works fine, including the network and internet access.
Right now I am trying to connect 'em using a crossover cable. When I pluged in the cable I was expecting windows to detect my network automatically, in the same way it did when I connected VISTA to XP but it didn't.
I tried to configure the network, I used IP address on my desktop and on my notebook and subnet mask.
Windows 7 popped up a message: "Unidentify network - no internet connection".
I created a new Local Network Connection but again, the same message popped up.
Used ping to test the connection - 100% Loss.
Any ideas?


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Can you tell me how did you solve your problem? I got same and don't know what should I do.


As I said before I used IP address on my desktop and o my laptop.
After that had to turn on NETWORK DISCOVERY in Windows 7 and I created a connection rule in my firewall - I use Norton 360 v3. The firewall was a problem I had N360 on my desktop and Windows Firewall on my laptop.
After this I checked the connection. In Windows 7 you will se the desktop in the Network folder but this won't happen on Windows XP. Try ping from both sides and it should work. The only way to share files & folders was Network Drives. Since XP can't see Windows 7, I had to type the address myself, for example \\MyLaptop\Shared. Also I had to map a new Network Drive every time I wanted to share files between 2 folders, other than those already mapped.
Hope this solves the problem. Let me know if things don't go well.

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