Windows 7 Cannot create a network bridge for the life of me

Hey guys, in XP I used a network bridge to link the wireless connection on my laptop, to the local area connection with my XBOX, so I could use XBOX live, do media streaming, and use it as a media center extender.

I have found instructions for creating a network bridge in VISTA, but it seems this does not apply to the way windows 7 is set up, because I can only manage "wireless connections"... not all connections..

Does anyone have any idea how I could do this? I already know about internet connection sharing, and thats what I am doing right now, HOWEVER doing that only allows access to xbox live, and the media sharing and the extender becomes broken on the xbox. THe same happened in XP. I must be able to share my music etc. with the xbox and as far as I know i could never get it working correctly using ICS.

There has to be an option SOMEWHERE to make a bridge, correct?

Hey buddy, I have a similar problem. I was able to connect to my xbox (I use the wireless adapter) the old way (as I did with XP, no media center) and by using Window's 7 media center. My problem is that the xbox cannot see any of my movie files or songs. They play fine on the computer and they are added to the windows media player library. Media center on my xbox scanned for media on my computer, found files, but did not add them to the library for some reason. I cannot add any songs or videos so that my xbox can see them.

After I swap back to my old HDD (with XP) evrything works perfect as before. So I guess for some reason Windows 7 does not want to share my files over my network. With Windows 7 I can try to share the old way and I can see the folders that contain my movies but it tells me there is no media present in the folders. A few short video clips show up but bring up errors saying that they cannot be played as if there were missing codecs or something (not sure exactly what the error said, I'm at work).

To get media center to connect properly I went to it on the xbox, wrote down the pin #, and LEFT IT STAY ON THE LAST SCREEN. When I backed out of the menus on the xbox my computer just said that it couldn't connect. When I left the xbox on the screen after it gives you the pin code to enter into your computer it connected and sorta worked for me. Hope this helps.

If anyone has any ideas for my problem, feel free to throw something out here!!! Thanks!


Found this but haven't had time to make sure all my setting were the same. I'll try later tonight.
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