Cannot Delete Files

I have Windows 7 Home edition on a new computer. My old drive is now configured as a USB drive. I would like to delete all unnecessary data and use it for backup.

Windows 7 will not allow me to delete (or even see) all the files in the Windows XP directory, even though I am logged in as administrator.

I have another drive which I would like to copy to the primary drive. There is about 20G of data on that drive, but Windows 7 will copy only about 5G.

How can I resolve these issues?


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do the drive properties and take ownership of the drive, it should then grant full access, failing that format it to wipe it totally which again forces ownership to your windows 7 account.

Will this allow me to copy the entire second drive as well? I can copy only 5G of 20G now...


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if you have ownership then you should get full access to all files unless they are encrypted by bitlocker

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