Cannot Delete $WINDOWS.~Q

After a failed "Endless Reboot" upgrade of Vista Home Premium 32 to 7 Home Premium 32 I finally did a custom (clean) install and got it running. In addition to the Windows.old folder I also have a folder called "$WINDOWS.~Q" I know this is leftover garbage from the failed upgrade, (should have been deleted at the end of the upgrade process) but the system will not let me delete it. I tried Unlocker but it did not delete it either. I ran Disk Cleanup - nope. I ran Trend Micro Pro System Tuner - NOPE! I know from another thread regarding the endless reboot fiasco (which MS shut down a couple of days ago for "maintenance") that thousands of users suffered from the endless reboot failure, so I'm sure there are many thousands of new $WINDOWS.~Q folders out there clogging up hard drives. This thing is eating up nearly 15 gigs of my HD and it needs to go! Does anybody know how to delete this thing?

"Windows 7 is out and it's not going to have any of the problems my last operating system had..." ;)

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