Windows 7 Cannot Download Anyting!!


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May 20, 2009
I have just completed my installation of Windows 7 RC. I can't seem to download anyting from the internet at all. I was trying to download the essentials pack and IE keeps saying that Internet Explorer was unable to open the internet site. I also tried dowloading Flash as well as Winzip and it seems that I can't download anyting. My web browsing is working fine, I only seem to get the error when I try to dowload something.

Any ideas what could be going on???

now my windows update is also not working.

Did you download Windows 7 RC directly from Microsoft or from an alternate source? Also, is your internet and network set up properly? Did you perform a clean install or was this an upgrade install?
There are many factors that can go into an issue like the one you are experiencing. I encourage you to head over to Microsoft Springboard to check out their resources and tips as they have many IT professionals who can help you as you troubleshoot. There are also great videos that go over some of the benefits of Windows 7 RC.
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Microsoft TechNet / Springboard

Had the same problem, are you an adminstrator with full access?

Otherwise try here to download updates if it doesn't work you'll have to setup your account privileges:
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