cannot enter to rounter virtual server

Well it seem some thing blocked the data from router so i can't enter log file
and i know that it happen after i update my window.


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Can you access your router setup at all? what router do you have?

dsl-2640t and i can't enter time , log , virtual server and filter but other than that i can enter without problem

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What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to access the router remotely?


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Is this a new problem? Have you been able to access it before? I suggest to look at the manual and make sure your router is set up correctly:

DSL 2640T Manual

It used to work until now so it's new problem...well I'm trying to set my new port, and right now I'm use my old PC to try setting it and no problem enter virtual server so I'm sure that it got to be some thing with the update...


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Make sure you set up the ports correctly. It should be in the manual and I saw it on several forums as I was searching for you.

I'm done porting already with my old PC just moment ago and it working , and now I'm want to know what is the problem.

Oh thank you.

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