Cannot find driver for my Asus built in webcam


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I cannot seem to find a driver for my built-in webcam.
I tried searching the manufacturer's site but all they have is the webcam utility, not the real driver.

My notebook is an Asus G53SX.

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help anyone?
thanks in advance


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They should have been provided in the manufacturer site. If not there, then contact their customer support or look for them over the internet in software download links.



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It may be because the item uses Microsoft Windows drivers, coming with the OS? I found 48 downloads, none directly drivers.

Are you having problems?


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Hi all

This is the fix for your problem, I had the same problem with packard bell.

Go to start and type cmd , but do it as administrator

Type in cmd

sfc /scannow

it takes a few minutes .

Then shut down your laptop , disconnect power , disconnect battery

wait 30 minutes .

Then boot your laptop now will the camera show in your device manager .

And is your problem fixed.

Then install your webcam software eventuallt update your driver if you find it.

Now you can enjoy your webcam




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Go to the main site and determine if you need to update your BIOS.

First Right click on Computer and select properties. Then select Device Manager and see if there is an exclamation mark by the webcam or any other devices. Note it and right click on one and you can select properties and update drives to see if that helps, or uninstall it there and at the top, Scan for hardware and see if it picks up.

Then if that doesn't work, update your BIOS and redo the steps above.
If you check on the Root of C:, maybe you will see a folder labeled drivers or ASUS and see if you see drivers located there.