Cannot get all my speakers to work/no Realtek Audio Manager


I'm trying to get all my speakers to work but to no avail.

I have a Logitech x-530 system that I'm trying set up to my HP Compaq dx2400 Microtower computer. I've plugged in the three connectors to the pins - red in red, pink in pink and blue in black - just like I did on my other computer. However, it only plays sound from the front two speakers.

I make matters worse, I have NO Realtek Audio Manager, and if I edit my speaker settings from the control panel, then I ONLY have the option to choose 2.1 sound - no 5.1.

Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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If you right click the speaker icon and select playback devices, choose the speakers and properties, it should show the Jack Information so you can check and make sure you have the right plugs. Also, there may be some settings depending on whether you use a front audio jack or not.

If you choose configure the speakers instead of properties, you should be able to test and set the sound you want.

If none of that is present, you may not yet have the correct audio drivers.

I do not have the Logitech system so special drivers may be needed for it and you might need to select some type of digital output. But I will see if I can find out.

The Logitech speakers are not supposed to have their own drivers; I looked that up too.
Choosing configure only gives me the Stereo option - no other ones are present.

Jack Information says the following:

L R [Black circle] ATAPI Internal ATAPI Jack
L R [Black circle with Green outline] Rear Panel 3.5 mm Jack

Using Balarc Analysis gives me the following information:

Realtek High Definition Audio

ASTRA32 says the following about my sound:

Sound Chip Vendor: Intel Corporation
Sound Chip: 82801IB/IR/IH (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller
SAC'97/HDA Codec Name: Realtek ALC888/ALC1200

I don't know if this helps at all?

I've tried uninstalling the sound drivers and then reboot, but what happens is Windows automatically looks for drivers and installs the very same drivers again.


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I checked the HP site for drivers for your system, and they only show 32 bit drivers. Also, the only audio driver is for a "Thin" speaker, which does not seem to be related.

If it has an onboard sound system, you may need to use the chipset drivers for it, but again, not x64 drives on the HP site. I checked the Intel site for your chipset, and it looks like the link might be the ones you need. But it is had to know for sure since I don't have all the info on the board, but I got these by using the chipset 82801 reference you supplied. So check yourself to see if they look right."82801"

Chipset drivers are for most of the basic systems. If you decide to install these, I would make a backup or at least a good restore point, since problems might arise and you could be unable to boot the system. This probably won't happen, but you need to be aware.

As far as the Realtek, you may need to go to the Realtek site and download drivers from there. The best I could come up with is:


I will not be able to provide a link farther along because there is an "I agree" checkbox that will need to be done. But these drivers would not seem to be for your HD audio, just the legacy type.

This seems to be an older box and sometimes drivers for older devices do not have the functionality you might need.

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