Windows 7 Cannot get mapped drive letter back - win 7 Pro 32 bit


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Jan 4, 2010
I used to map a NAS drive on my Win 7 Pro 32 bit machine. Now the mapping is no longer available. I go to the "Map Network" and the letter is GONE. I can still access the NAS HDD via "network" in the Windows explorer. but I have links constrcuted around that drive letter. HOW DO I DELETE AND START OVER WHEN THE DRIVE LETTER IS MISSING ALTOGETHER?
Mapping a network drive should still be available. Opening Explorer and going to one of the folders on the drive and right clicking should give you the option to Map the drive. I just did it on Windows 8 and the dialog box opened behind the Explorer Window..., but Windows 7 should be the same as it was before.

Is that not available? If so, have you changed anything on your network that has not been changed on the NAS?

From the question, am wondering what install you are asking the question about. Is it another Windows 7 install?
Is it possible that at some point you added a new device (external hard disk, or a card reader of some type) that may have assumed your previously used mapped drive letter? That's often why it is a good idea when mapping network drives to shares that you start at the other end of the alphabet to avoid it from happening.
Using the command prompt you can issue "net use" to display mapped drives.

Issuing "net use X: /d" will delete a mapped network drive.
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