Cannot get new Win 7 to see existing networked XP PCs


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I'm trying to read alot of posts here and while many of the problems are familiar, I'm not seeing my answer so far.
I have a new Win 7 PC. I have an existing two XP PC home network. The existing network successfully shares files and a printer. Integrating the new Win 7 PC into my network, I have been half successful. I have internet access through the existing router on all three PCs and I have printer access on all three PCs since moving the printer to the Win 7 machine. Both XPs can see the Win 7 machine on the network.
This is where things go off the rails for me though. The Win 7 machine cannot see anything in its network except itself and the router. Keep in mind that certain apps can see back and forth. Windows Easy Transfer was able to see my XP machine from the Win 7 machine and move all my files over just fine. Norton NIS 2009 can see all 3 PCs from all 3 PCs and interact with each perfectly fine.
Likewise, the XP PCs aren't quite there yet either. They alternate between having 100% access to the Win 7 public USERS share and having no access at all - with no changes being made to the setting. Currently it is not accessible and I might not have permission to use this network resource. Interestingly with the XP to Win 7 connection fails, it fails on both XP computers at the same time. Either both work just fine or neither works at all.
All three PCs are in the same workgroup. All three have the same user account names and passwords. In Win 7, Network discovery is on along with all the other Advance Network Sharing features. I am currently sharing the Win 7 shares with Everyone. I have tried shutting the firewall off and leaving it on. All three are set at Full Trust for NIS 2009.
Help, I'm pooped.

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