Cannot Identify Hard Drive

Hello All
I really need you expert advice to
install Windows 7 on my HP Slate 500 tablet. I did the following steps.
- See
my hard drive in a BIOS and tested it
- Connect external CD ROM and insert
the Windows 7 CD that comes up with the tablet.
- Change Boot Order from Hard
disk to CDROM
- Load Windows 7 from CD ROM and performed some installation
steps and after that system ask for Custom and Update option , I selected custom
but after that I cannot find my hard disk to install Windows, and system ask me
to provide driver for hard disk, I installed chipset driver and also used
drivers CD that comes up with my tablet but no luck. Please advice.


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What OS is on the system now and what are you upgrading to? Are you using an Upgrade version of the Windows 7 install DVD and where did you get it?

During an install, on the page after you pick a language, you can hit Shift+F10 to get a command window. You might try using Diskpart to look at the drive. Type the following commands and when done, type exit to leave Diskpart.

List disk

If the drive shows, can you tell anything about its status?

There have been some situations where a drive needed to be cleaned, which you can do with Diskpart, but depending on your install, it might keep you from being able to activate later.

I issued Shift+F10 after language screen then I received the prompt x:\Sources>, on this prompt, I issued diskpart command and then issued list disk and received the following message.
There are no fixed disks to show



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I have been hoping someone else would have experience with this. But I do not see any drivers on the HP site that would be required for an install. Possibly some type of SATA driver, but you said you installed the chipset.

Since you did not mention where you got your Windows 7 install DVD, possibly using one of the Downloadable versions that have SP1 included might help. But there may also be something going on with the OEM install keeping a non-OEM Windows 7 install from working correctly. Looks like something involving an HP product would be on one of their forums.

Download Windows 7 ISO (Official 32-bit and 64-bit Direct Download Links) « My Digital Life

What OS was on the system prior to the Windows 7 attempted install?

Thanks for the reply. I have got Win 7 installation file from the below link
Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River « My Digital Life
but prior to use this version I tried the original Windows 7 DVD that come up with this tablet but no luck at all. The prior system before Windows 7 attempted was the Windows 7.


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I have been looking at the HP site about how to restore an Operating System. There seems to be a couple of ways, but one mentions a supplemental disk that might be requested.

The link below is one such HP site, but there may be other FAQs. I did not see anything specifically about the Hard Drive needing drivers..

HP Notebook PCs - Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using HP Recovery - c01895783 - HP Business Support Center

Thanks for the reply, I think its my hard drive issue, its under warranty so that I have a plan to give it back to HP.

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