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I need to install a font thats missing from W7, so I go to Google and get Microsofts answer. Go to Control Panel, click on appearance and open the Font section, then click on "File" and choose "Install a Font". However, as is typical to 40% of their instructions, its not there. There is no " Install a Font" theres everything else however, adjusting, gazing at, painting, thinking about, wondering about or even sleeping with fonts, but there is no "Install a Font" I'm sorry, but I get so annoyed with having to take my time to try to correct something and taking the time to try to find the answers and having to bother someone like you in the 'forum' to find an answer that should be there. It's just so typical of MS and I go back to DOS. So, I apologize to you, educated forum reader, that you have to waste your valuable brain power and tell me how to do this simple thing which a ten year old working somewhere at MS should be able to get correct bullet proof instructions so that a simpleton like myself can actually do it.


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I will assume there is not file which represents the font in the fonts panel, even as hidden. If there were, you could probably follow the instructions, but you might have to right click and select restore previous.

You might try going to Windows\Fonts folder and right click on the folder and select Restore Previous.

If that doesn't work, go to Windows\winsxs folder and find the particular font folder (or search for it), go into that folder and copy those fonts back to the font folder or right click and select install.

If it is a system font, using SFC /scannow in an administrative command prompt might replace it.

I'm not missing any fonts, so it is a little hard to check the procedure.

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Thanks for your post. I should have been a little more specific. I am dealing with documents created in XP and am pulling these docs into a Windows 7 System, thats why they are "missing" a font. They are only missing because they are not currently in the system. I figured that when I got to the "font installer" (if there was one) it would ask me to "browse" or go on line to find the font I needed, which I'm sure is out there in hyperspace because its not an unusual font (Lucida Bright). So the problem still is , there is no "Install new font" to click on in the windows seven system.


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OK, then I will leaving finding the font with you. I have not brought one over from XP, but it might be possible to just move it. Otherwise, after you download the font, just drag it into the font window, or if it is an option, using the install selection, which is described in the Help and Support Section.


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I also believe that if you browse to the location on your computer containing the font that your wish to install, you can simply right click the font and choose "Install" from the context menu.

EDIT: Also just noticed that you can also double click the font and you should see an install button in the top left of the font preview window. Sorry I don't mess with fonts much.

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+1 double clicking a font file will install it ,go to your fonts folder and you will see it once installed.type fonts into start /search and the fonts folder will show once selected
here is a link to lucida bright download
Detail Font Lucida Bright - Free Font Download and sharing - Windows and Mac fonts

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